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(horse voice) hay. idk how to description soooo forgive me? I'm Erin, I'm not fun, happy, or anything good but I like Sailor Moon so that might make me okay, hopefully. I also really like Princess Tutu, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and cats. Nothing makes me happier than cats and Sailor Moon. My favourite sailor scout is Sailor Jupiter. I hope you like my blog? If you want more fun facts about me, (even though you probably don't and if you do you really shouldn't) message me. Btw I also run a blog for cute things, clothes, flowers, and cats. If you want to be in on that its sweet-saior-jupiter.tumblr.com bye

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Our Band director wasn’t at school.

what is it about band kids everywhere that, when left alone, we all do the same thing and build forts, thrones, and barricades in the band room?

Because you’re fucking nerds.

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